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    mcshield - Can it be disabled?

      We are running VirusScan Enterprise version 8.0.5i on a WinXP environment.

      I have been asked to disable mcshield as it is slowing down the startup of an application. I have tried to do this via the console and services.msc but have been unable to disable it.

      I have added the software it is slowing down to the exception list but this made no impact on the speed of startup, also the software writes to the users profile in documents and settings and I do not want to add this to the list of non-scanned folders.

      I have searched this forum and other websites and it seems like it is not possible to do this, is this a 100% no no?

      We are looking at about 30 machines so if it is possible to do this it would be good, alternatively we will have to uninstall and use another AV product.

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          Of course you can disable Mcshield, but there is little point in using the product if you are going to disable the OAS (on access scanning).
          I think you need to look again at your exceptions and possibly access protection rules. What are you trying to exempt, and what is the software trying to do at startup?
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            I work for an academic organisation and an academic has asked us to disable mcshield as it is causing him a problem and delaying the start of effective teaching time.

            His class lasts an hour or so and he thinks he wastes too much of the class waiting for the software to load with mcshield's process load going through the roof.

            Ours is not to question why but to facilite the teaching then pick up the pieces afterwards.

            So, how can I disable mcshield?
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              What are you using to administer your AV software EPO or protection pilot?