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    BSOD when connecting to internet using dial-up services (yes some people still do this)

      -    Order #:

      -    Service Request #: 710110786

      -    Created Date: 07/06/2011 09:59:13

      -    Description: We use netzero dialup service to access the internet.  We have problem with your product and our computer when trying to sign on.  We go through the connection sequence with netzero. After our modem connects with netzeros, it verifys the name and password and then allows the connection if all goes as normal.  But all does not go normal.  At the point where we would normally gain access to the internet, the computer shuts down WindowsXP and presents the BSOD.  I shut down the computer and restart.  I then fire up the task manager.  I then fight to shut down all the Mcafee services that are running.  When this is accomplished i quickly fire up Netzero and connect to the internet successfully.  So it seems to be some problem with your product.  How do we fix this???

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