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    v8.5: which patch to install? patch 4 or patch 5

      Hi. I have epo 3.6.1 and about 90% of my 500 PCs have v8.5 and the remainder are at 8.0. Most users are XP.

      So I want to do the cma 3.6.0 patch 3 but I do have Vista users so I want to install either v8.5 patch 4 or patch 5.

      Which do you recommend? Currently my 8.5 users have patch 1 plus 1 hotfix.
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          If it was me, I would push out Patch 4 as there are a lot of bug fixes since Patch 1. A lot of these fixes do relate to Vista systems. We have already deployed Patch 4 in our environment with no issues.

          Not too sure when Patch 5 will be released. The release notes only show 9 bug fixes as a release date of Jan 24th. When a new patch comes out, I tend to only push it to select systems, about 20, and then wait a week to see what happens.

          The only real big fix in Patch 5, which we have seen, is listed below:

          2. ISSUE:
          The VirusScan Enterprise management plug-in
          writes all settings to the registry on every
          policy enforcement. McShield service monitors
          the registry and reloads whenever they are
          written, generating frequent pause events in the
          Windows System log.

          The VirusScan Enterprise management plug-in has
          been updated to write to the registry only if it
          sees that it is different from the current
          policy. This prevents McShield from generating
          events on policy enforcement, unless that policy
          has changed.

          You should not have any problems with CMA 3.60 Patch 3. This will update your EPO agent to version, this we have already deployed to our systems with no issues.

          Hopefully that answers some of your questions.
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            I agree with Twenden, patch 5 only has limited fixes and patch 4 would be your best option. The cma 3.6.0 patch 3 went out fine for two of my EPO setups and I'm just wainting on a long change process to run it on my other one