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    MVT and EPO Best practice




      MVT is integrated in my 4.6 EPO


      i created a distribution task for this tool

      One client task does a diagnostic on the computers.

      One Automatic Response intercept the event if the diagnose task found something and put a tag called REMEDIATE on the computer.

      One client task does a remediate task on the computer if tagged REMEDIATE.


      Till there, everything works fine but...


      Actually the EPO Serveur purge all the REMEDIATE tags each night ad midnight beacause i didn't find a way in the EPO (automatic response ?) to be able to know that a remediate task has been done and, also the result of this task.


      Is there a way to obtain this info ?


      thanks in advance


      Philippe Maquoi

      EPO 4.6 & 4.5

      VSE 8.8, 8.7

      HIPS 8 & 7

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          Hi Philippe,


          Sorry for the delay in response. Currently our product doesn't send back any specific events back to ePO Server whenever a Remediate task runs on the client.

          However, you can still get the List of macihnes where the task got executed along with the Remediation results.

          Pl. follow the steps mentioned below:

          1. On ePO console navigate to Queries->Shared Groups->ePO-MVT
          2. Click New Query, and follow the Query creation wizard with selecting the following options: 

          • Featured Group: Others
          • Select Result types: MVT Health Information
          • Display Results: Table
          • Available Colunm: Default(Just click Next)
          • Select 'MVT Status' as the Filter with value equals "Remediation is Successfull" and + another Value as "Remediation and upload succeeded"
          • Select HealthCheck Time as the second filter with Value is within last 1 day
          • Run the query and then Save it with the desired name.

          This query wen executed would fetch you list of systems where Remediation task ran successesfuly within last 24hours. Clicking on the entries would give you the detailed Results.


          One more thing, you might already be aware of, Remediation task may not fix all the issues on the client machine as there could be issues which not are remediatable through MVT. These systems are likely to get re-tagged as REMEDIATE when the Diagnostic Task runs for the next time.


          Hope this helps.