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    Set directors cluster nodes with scanning capabilities


      Global Overview


      There are 8 WR5500 devices. 4 of them will be physically in a data center and the other four will be placed in another data center
      These data centers are active. We installed a cluster to filter outgoing HTTP traffic.
      The installation mode is the router elected transparent because they have a pc last proxy settings in your browser.
      Currently the configuration we have is that directors are only two nodes (active / passive prioritized VRRP) for problems of the version to be available
      and the rest nodes of exploration.


      What we would like would include exploring the two nodes directors.
      Would it be possible to implement the two functions, director and scanning in one MWG? Currently have version 7.1 MWG
      Is there any official documentation on how the process when the two functions are implemented?
      What changes should be made to include scanning in the directors without losing the cluster?


      thank you very much.