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    Large file downloads


      We've struggled with what to do with large file downloads in both MWG6 and MWG7.  It just never seems to work well.  If we are using data-trickling, users get anxious and don't understand why they are only getting 12 K per second.  We've also had some trouble with files getting 'stuck' in antimalware scanning, where the progress pages show it is scanning indefinitely, and it never quits, while causing a CPU spike in the process.


      Are there any best practices for determining what files to scan with the Antimalware engine?  I'm wondering what other companies are doing around this.  Do a lot of companies bypass AV scanning for files bigger than a certain size?  Any suggestions are welcome!



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          Generally we see that people are not limiting the file types they want to scan, you can of course do that. I have once configured a policy for a customr, where they only wanted application/executable, PDFs, images. That was it - not more.

          For file sizes, we see that there is a slight tendency that orgs are only scanning up to a certain limit, whereas the limit varies between 10MB and 100MB.


          I think a conclusive answer can't be given, as this is subject to your org's determination of the potential security risk.