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    Firewall accounts - password forgotten

      Dear Friends:


      I have a FW  Enterprise v8 and I changed the password yesterday because the 90 day period over. Unfortunally, I forget the new password.


      Did you know how can I access, maybe via SERIAL o any default way?


      Thanks a lot.



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          The steps to change firewall admin password are given the knowledge base article: KB63208

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            Thanks article is no longer available or at least it comes up as "No results were found." when I look.  Can you please post a URL to this information? 


            Thank you!!!



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              You have to sign in to the KB to see the article.


              Here's the text of it:


              REGISTERED - Firewall Enterprise/Sidewinder/Secure Firewall: Recovering Your Password

              Corporate KnowledgeBase ID:    KB63208
              Version:    7.0
              Status:    Published
              Created:    August 17, 2007
              Last Modified:    April 11, 2011
              NOTE: This article is viewable only by registered ServicePortal users.

              You can use the following procedure to recover a forgotten administrator password.

              To change your administrator account password:
              Attach a keyboard and monitor directly to your firewall.
              Reboot the firewall by pressing the power button or entering CTRL+ALT+DEL (you will be asked if you want to core, enter 'n' for no, then enter 'y' to reboot).
              Select Emergency Maintenance Mode at the second boot menu. You can ignore the first menu to boot into the VCD/current/alternate slice.
              Press ENTER when asked what shell patch to use. The system prompt appears.
              Enter the following command to change your password:

              cf adminuser modify username=<name> password=<newpassword>

              where <name> is the administrator account username and <newpassword> is the new password you want to set for the account.

              NOTE: Each special character in a password needs to be delimited with a backslash (\). For example, for the password abcd!234, you need to specify abcd\!234.
              Reboot to the Operational kernel using the following command:

              shutdown -r now
              You can now log into the appliance using your new password.

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                Thank you for the clarification on the article access AND the information!!!!