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    SSH "Nice Try!" response...

      I currenlty manage well over 40 Ironmails and would like to remotely check the services on each box three times a day by different shift members. To accomplish this I have written a BASH script on another machine to SSH into each Ironmail, run the "show services" command, and output that to a text file.


      The problem is that when the script SSHs into the Ironmail it returns the error message "Nice Try!" What is this all about and is there a way to make this happen?




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          What is your script trying to do?  If the SSH connection is trying to run any commands after logging it, it will fail.


          So, the following will not work:

          ssh admin@ironmail.domain.com 'show services'


          but I am seeing that the following does:

          echo show services | ssh admin@ironmail.domain.com


          not that it is particularilly pretty, but it will work.  Something else that may be worth a try is writting the script in TCL, but it has been far too long since I touched that to be of much use helping.

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            AWESOME! That work perfectly.


            Thank you.