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    EETech asking for Code of the day - for tomorrow!


      I'm trying to use EETech to do a manual removal (related to https://community.mcafee.com/message/197598)

      I've been instructed to do a Remove EE by our support which failed- hung (seen this a few times) so I've restarted and reloaded EEtech to do a force decrypt- using WinPEv3 EETech v6 disk but now its asking for the Code of the Day for 14th July 2011 i.e - Tomorrow!!!! (BIOS still says 13th)


      I have seen this before and have had to leave it until the next day so it asks for the correct day.


      Can anyone explain why this happens and how to get it back to asking for todays code? Its a bit of an issue if i can't start decrypting today and have to wait until tomorrow.





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