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    fatal error 0xcf000004 can't allocate memory


      Have a laptop (EEPC v6.0.2) that once the user logs into pre-boot, immediately comes up with fatal error [0xcf000004] can't allocate memory.


      I was thinking of using emergency boot to somehow fix this (Never used eboot yet). would this be correct to use this?


      Although i'm interested in the bit in KB71868 that says ..When the system boots into Windows, if there is a network connection to the ePO server, then the system synchronizes with ePO and fully repairs itself


      Should i change the Sata Controller mode from ahci to compatibility mode before i do this (as sometimes i've seen issues when removing EE via eetech when its left in sata mode)


      Just wondering if it will boot to windows then if i change it??



      Also, does anyone know what this error is at all?





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