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      Hello friends,


      I'm migrating a EPO Server, but I'm passing by the old problem of EPO, the new server must have the same name and IP of old server. I wonder if version 4.6 is already a solution for this, since we have 5000 computers and can not have the problem of sync with the EPO.


      Thanks a lot.

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            The Agents that have been installed throughout you environment are configured to connect to the old server using the IP first, then FQDN, and finally NetBIOS shortname if possible. This sequence means that you can hijack traffic by removing the old DNS record and IP from the network, then creating an alias for the new server that uses the old name.



            This only gets the pointed to the new server. You must also have exported the communication keys from the old server, and imported them into the new server; otherwise, they won't be speaking the same language. Additionally, you'll need to use the same ports on the new server as the old (or have some tricks to redirect the traffic). Also, if the old server forced HTTPS for Agent communication, you'll need the certificates and names to match.


            If you get all of these pieces in place, you will immediately see old systems begin populating themselves within your new server. Within a full agent-to-server communication interval you should have most of the environment switched over. Usually within a couple weeks you can trash the alias , and claim victory.

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              Actually with ePO 4.5 already you don't really need the new server to have same name & IP as the old server...


              There's a new "Transfer Agent" functionality which works fine and does miracles


              You need to declare the new server as a registered server on the old server, +old server needs MS SQL credentials on the new server's DB.

              Then I believe it's recommended that you install the old server's "security Keys" on the new server.

              Make sure your agents can talk to the new server (firewalls and such)


              And then it's just a few clicks...

              In the system tree

              - select a (few) system(s)

              - click on Actions / Agent / Transfer System


              et voilà


              We transfered +6000 agents in a few weeks (testing in small groups at first, then one site at a time) and are going to transfer +1000 more soon.