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    Default group of users on all laptops


      Is there a way to automatically add a group of users to all encrypted systems or a group of systems?   We would like to have it where domain admins would be setup to sign into any encrypted laptop.  Right now the only thing i can see is to assign this on each machine or select each machine.   I would like it to have this assignment by default on each system as it is encrypted.   Here is tghe scenario.




      1. New machine is bought

      2. The machine is setup with an image (The image has the EPO agent already installed), or is manually built and a task is executed via thirdparty product to deploy the Mcafee agent

      3. Helpdesk encrypts machine, either by running a package that has both the Encryption agent and Software installer, or they go to the EPO console and executes a run now task that deploys encryption.

      4.  Once the system is rebooted and encrypted the Helpdesk or some other group by default has their signin associated with the machine, no need for them to go to the machine prior to this and add manually each user or each group of users.


      Any ideas?


      Also with assigning ldap groups to a machine, this can only be a universal group, right?


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