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      I was only able to view a couple sites because the "use a proxy server for your LAN" was checked.  After I unchecked it, it worked temporarily.  It seems as though I have to uncheck it more often.  I ran a full system scan using McAfee security center version 10.5.  These two were found: cookie-eyeblaster and artemis!41f14e80a4cb.  Also, looking at the scan's history and log cookie-yieldmanager cannot be removed? Are these problems causing my proxy server for LAN to be checked automatically? How can I get rid of this?


      Edit : Subject header changed from "Use a proxy server for your LAN" before moving into Artemis Discussions


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          Apologies for the delay in replying, but Artemis questions I generally leave to the other Moderators to sort out.


          If your "Use a proxy server" box is being repeatedly checked after you uncheck it, there may be some unwanted application doing this. If the McAfee scan picked up only those two items, there are other tools you can use to look for specific classes of problem, but for now I'll just deal with the two items you mentioned.


          The Eyeblaster and YieldManager cookies you mentioned are probably harmless enough, but you can tell McAfee to prevent some cookies at least from being accepted :

          • Go into Security Center
          • Select Virus and Spyware Protection
          • Select Real-Time Scanning
          • Under Threats, check the Tracking Cookies box.


          While you're there, you can (if you want) check any of the other boxes that are unchecked. The more protection you have, the better.


          As for "Artemis!41f14e80a4cb" : I don't know what this is, or what it means. There is a special section in these forums for Artemis questions, so I'm going to move this discussion there. I'll have to change the subject header to be Artemis-related. if that's okay with you.


          If (as sometimes happens) they decide that the message you got was a false alarm, come back to the general forums and post again in the Home & Home Office section about the Proxy Server question. We'll recommend some of the other tools available. As a general rule, if it's not a virus it could be a lesser threat, and there's a program that is always worth having as a backup which can detect many of those : download and run the free version from HERE.


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            Thread moved into Artemis Discussions for attention, specifically relating to the Artemis detection in the scan.

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              Hi Suzy,


              I am working on your issue, will update you further with the analysis



              Neha C

              McAfee SME

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                We found the file to be malicious, the detection added for file is Backdoor-EXI


                I will email you the ED meanwhile along with the instruction, any difficulty please let me know or try reaching Technical Support



                Neha C

                McAfee SME

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