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    EEPC EpepcGine.DLL failed to load

      Hello all


      I got a problem with several computers that "all of a sudden" gets an error message before the winlogon promt that says "The logon user interface DLL c:\program files\mcafee\endpoint encryption for pc v6\epegina.dll failed to load Contact the admin to replace the DLL file or restore the original file".


      I'm one of the admins, and I did restore the DLL file from another machine that's almost identical without any success. Is there another way to get around this?


      Clients: WinXP


      McAfee env: ePO 4.5 with "EEPC Hotfix", EEPC6.1 (some clients are still on EEPC 6.0) VSE 8.5/8.7 No HIPS, MA4.5


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          You don't say if the EpePcGina.dll file was actually missing from the machine?  If the file is there, it is possibly a problem with the Gina the EEPC Gina is chaining to.  Do you know if you used a 3rd party Gina before installing EEPC?  Is it possible this has been uninstalled?  Could you show us the values in the HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon registry key.

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            Hi Ged


            EpePcGina.dll was in place, no other third party Gina used. Machine is installed with Windows and then EEPC from ePO directly after that. The machine has worked for some time before this issue occured.


            I managed to bypass this and got into Windows just to find some kind of kind of general execution problem. No .exe or .dll files at all will execute, so I presume it's not EEPCs fault. Could indicate disk error or something. Reinstalling the machine.