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    Antivirus for network

      i need anitvirus for network


      i have 5 server


           1 Domain controller


           1 File Server


           1 Exchange Server Local


           1 System Managment server


           1 Database program


      105 Pc's


      i want solution for this network

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          Hi Maged77,


          The Total Protection for Endpoint will be a decent bet for you. However, you might just wanna talk to your local McAfee partner/reseller to get the latest info and offers available for you.


          All the best.




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                     I have read your post.


            For the servers that you have mentioned, we are sure that McAfee SaaS EndPoint Protection( Total Protection) will be a best suite . Anyhow we have forwarded this request to our sales team so that they will get in touch with you for the best guidance.



            Geetha P