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    Introducing the SaaS + ePO Extension

      The Management Platform Solutions group is pleased to announce the release of the SaaS + ePO extension, now available at no additional charge from the McAfee SaaS SecurityCenter (www.mcafeesaas.com) for SaaS Endpoint Protection and related bundles, and the Software Manager in ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) 4.6.  This easy-to-use extension allows customers and partners to view their system tree, summary dashboards, and detailed events from McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection, as well as summary reporting from SaaS Email Protection and SaaS Vulnerability Scanning. 


      The extension is designed to make it very easy for customers to implement “hybrid” packages of standard and SaaS endpoint products in their IT environments, to easily accommodate remote or work-from-home users via SaaS while using standard products in-house, or to add SaaS email protection or vulnerability scanning to their ePO managed security solutions.


      Please note that this extension requires a subscription to SaaS Endpoint Protection or one of the bundles including it (e.g. SaaS Total Protection), or SaaS Email Protection or SaaS Vulnerability Scanning ordered via the corporate price book.  It also requires ePO 4.6, which was released earlier this year.  Also, please note that this has not yet been introduced in Japan – this is planned for a later release.


      Thank you very much to the Beta participants who provided valuable feedback, and to the McAfee engineering, QA, and program management teams for their very hard work on this project!  


      Please feel free to provide your feedback, or ask any questions you might have, in this forum.