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    EEPC 5.2.9, Autodomain 5.6 and Themecreator

      I have several questions related to a new EEPC 5.2.9 infrastructure we are building.  We currently have a functioning EEPC v5.2.4 environment and will be using the new v5.2.9 to service Windows 7-64bit devices.  We have chosen to not "upgrade" the environment, but instead build a new EEPC v5.2.9 instead for Win 7 devices.  Here are my questions:

      Q1. First of all, since we have relied on autodomain v5.2.5 in our current environment, I'm assuming that if we still rely on Autodomain, we must implement Autodomain v5.6 because it is supported for Windows 7-64bit? 

      Q2. While testing the v5.6, and using our previous custom autodomain.ini file from v5.2.5, you earlier mentioned I could remove Livelog and AutoProgresslog from the file set in order to achieve a silent installation (i.e. no windows appearing).  Will removing these 2 files negatively affect autodomain from running?  Is this "all" that should be removed or are there other configuration settings too?

      Q3. For our current EEPC v5.2.4, we created a custom theme using the Themecreator program and it has worked successfully for the past 2 years.  Can I simply create a new group in EEPC v5.2.9,and import the identical files and will it work the same way as it does in EEPC5.2.4?


      Thank you, 


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