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    Export Mcafee offline package

      Hi Dears,



      Can anyone let me know the steps to export an offline package of Mcafee 8.7 throught the EPO (4.5) and send it to our client to install it on thier Lap.


      Note, our cliens don't have connection to the EPO. epo installed on win 2003 64 bit



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          I apologize but we don't have concept of Online/offline VSE. You can use the normal VSE package to install on isolated machines.

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            We also have the McAfee in our high school with EPO Server. But I have also created a McAfee Version for the Notebooks for the Students we got and also this Notebooks does never have a connection to our EPO Server.


            I did this with the McAfee Installation Designer, you can also download from the McAfee, download my products. I installed this desginer on my single PC. Then I downloaded also the original McAfee VSE 8.8 Installation Package from McAfee, download my products. The in the installation designer, you can add the VSE8.8(VirusScanEnterprise) Install Package.

            I taked during creating of the offline package set following important settings fro our students. You also have to think about these options:

            -I removed Lotus Notes Emailscan,because we do not have Lotus Notes here

            -Install product silently

            -Preserve settings of Virusscan had provisualy installed

            -Allow users to install

            -Udate definitions after installation


            This way I created offline package for our high school students


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              Thanks for the response.


              These are the steps are to create MID package.


              MID is to customize the VSE package. On isolated machines, you can either use default VSE package or MID package.

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                Note that afaik MID is still only available to Enterprise support customers.

                I'm sure someone will correct me if i'm wrong