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    Drive Encription for HP Protect Tools didn't atart after Windows 7 reinstalation.

      I had two partitions in my 8440p and one partition was encrypted through HP RPotect Tools whihc basically uses EEM 5.2.  I had a Windows start up issue and the HP reseller staff got the Windows 7 reistalled ( not by formatting the C drive).  Once started the HP Rpotect Tools logon screen ( basically the EEM module which starts at the boot up) and Windows was not accessing the encrypted drive (says inidentfied format and requires me to format it again).  I got the HPProtect Tools activates got the System backup restored but still EEM logon was not available.

      then I got the  c drive (the only drive that is available right now) ecrypted and thus EEM logoncame to fucntion but it is not accepting my bcked up encryption keys.


      Any ideas????