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    Epo 4.0 to 4.5 Upgrade hooks on the minimum reqirements




      I try to upgrade our EPo 4.0 to 4.5. In the first step i moved the Database SQL2000 - to a SQL Express that was on an other Server (c).

      It is fine & running. Conection is Made.


      So - i was downloading the Installer Paket with the Patch 4. Unzip & try to install. It hooks on a Window that says:


      "Your system does not have the Min Reqirements. You need to have MSDE 2005 or SQL 2005 Standard or Enterprise."


      ..on this point i was realy ****** of. On the Server is a 2nd Software that comes with an SQL 2005 Express (installed in its installer routine)

      So - i looked in to the installer packet of the EPO and there was a Express installer too. So it should Run on SQL Express. But it hocks in the

      beginning of the Installation process.


      I cant unistall that 2nd Software & i cant install on a 2nd Server - there is none to move. I decided - if it has a SQL Express 2005 allready installed

      it could use that. So i moved the Database from Server b to Server a where my EPO 4.0 is Running. And again - Epo 4.0 do connect.


      I started the Setup again - same popup.. "Your system does not have the Min Reqirements....."

      I was trying to upgrade the SQL 2005 - with the SQL with adv. pakets (Full installed). Does Work!


      I was getting worry.. wtf is going wrong with those installer?  In the next Szenario i give what it wants - move the Database to our SQL 2008 Standard Ed.

      that was reserved for a major Projekt. But it still brings its Messege: "Your system does not have the Min Reqirements...."


      Why does this happen? And HOW can i do the Upgrade?


      Here some informations about the Versions:


      Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (I belive it does have Patch 4 but i am not shure)

      Microsoft SQL Server 2005 downward kompatibility

      ...management studio Express. 



      EPo = 4.0

      Anti-Spam Engine and Rule Update RENU 3506.3506 

      Anti-Spam Engine for Windows SpamEngine  

      Buffer Overflow DAT for VirusScan Enterprise DAT 516 

      Engine Modul 5400.1158 4778

      ePO Agent Key Updater Plug-In 4.5.0 

      ePO-MVT Content MVTContentUpdate 8

      Host Intrusion Prevention Content DAT 3853

      Host Intrusion Prevention Content DAT 3852

      McAfee Agent for Windows Installation 4.5.0 1852 Englisch

      MER for ePO Service Pack 2.4.0 1151

      System Compliance Profiler Installation 2.0.0 189

      System Compliance Profiler Templates Vorlagen 597 

      System Compliance Profiler Templates 2.0 Vorlagen 327 


      McAfee Agent  Versionsnummer:

      Scanmodul-Version (32-bit): 5400.1158