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    Old package not removed after EPO update is performed

      I recently updated our environment to EPO 4.5 along with multiple endpoint package updates.  I've noticed that a number of older products did not de-install when the update was performed.  I.e. one machine I have Asset Baseline Monitor 3.0.X installed which was under EPO 4.0 in addition to 3.5 that was installed under EPO 4.5.  I'm unable to de-install it from the EPO since I do not have the 3.0.x package installed.  Also, I am not able to remove the pacakge on the local machine under "Add and Remove Programs" since it is not an option.  Only 3.5 is displayed.

      My question is:  Do I need to install the corresponding package on the new EPO server and place it in the previous brach then deploy a task to remove the endpoint application?  Thanks for the assistance.

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          I will suggest you to open a case with support to get the SQL script to clean unsupported products.

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            I don't think a SQL script will help to remove the products from the endpoints.


            If the number of client machines with this issue is not to high then most of our products have manual removal KBs and I would recommend following those steps. Now obviously if you have a large number of clients with the product installed that is not a viable option. In that case I would look for the uninstall string which should be present in the registry if the product used an MSI installer.


            First look here:

            [HKLM\Software\Network Associates\ePolicy Orchestrator\Application Plugins\<whatever the plugin is for the product]


            In that key you may see an uninstall string. If you do not or if you cannot locate the plugin then check the windows uninstall key which is here:

            [HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Uninstall]


            Scroll through those listings and see if you can spot the entry for the product you wish to remove. Once found you should have an entry for "uninstall string" that will have a value like "msiexec.exe /I <some big number>". Plug that into the commandline and it should remove the product. If that works and you have a lot of machines to remove you should be able to script that.


            Other then that if the product in question is supported in the version of ePO you are running indeed you would have to check that product into ePO to remove it from ePO.

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              I apologize for misunderstanding the issue. Thanks Jeremy to correct me.

              I was under impression that customer wants to clean from ePO.


              Thanks again.