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    New computer - Need Advice.



      A couple of days ago i bought a new desktop PC.And it has has come pre-installed with a mcafee trial.


      The problem is, i also bought a laptop about 6 months ago that also came with a mcafee trial and i purchased a subscription for this laptop (1 license).



      My question is - Can i just log into my existing account on this new desktop to activate the 90 trial without it effecting my 1 year subscription on my laptop?




      I have these options -


      1..I already have an existing Mcafee account.


      2..I do not have a mcafee account.


      The versions look identical on both the laptop and desktop.


      I need to find out pretty quickly because the trial needs to be activated by the 20th of july.


      I would sooner activate the trial first (rather than purchasing another license),so that i can test the new desktop for any problems.And if there are any problems i have been told i can return it to the store within 30 days.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Hello jack,

          If both the trial version right now on the PC and the one you have newly purchased are the same one , please select I already have a McAfee account - provide inn that email address that would automatically update your subscriptions. If not , Please follow the instructions here http://service.mcafee.com/FAQDocument.aspx?lc=1033&id=TS100507  and reinstall the subscription that you have purchased for the desktop and everything should be fine 



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            Thanks for the reply.


            Sorry if  i didnt make it clear in my first post (not used to using forums).


            I only have one licence ,which i bought about 6 months ago for the trial that was on my laptop.


            My worry is ,if i sign into my new desktop with the same details will this somehow effect my licence on my laptop? ..Seeing as i only have 1 licence at the moment.


            Or will it activate the 90 day trail on my new desktop? ..Which is what i want.


            Sorry for being a pain .Any advice will be greatly appretiated.

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              Please click on Useful links at the top of this page and click on Technical support , so that our technicians would help you get your subscriptions updated or will help you reinstall the right package that needs to be installed .



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                Ok ...thank you.


                Ive double checked the version numbers on both the laptop and desktop - They are both identical.


                So it looks like i just have to buy another license,so that i can use it on 2 computers.


                I ddint realize it was only £5 to add a license.


                Thanks for your help.