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    EEPC compatible with AHCI? and specific laptop issue

      Hi, my name is Bruce.


      Yesterday I test installing EEPC 5.2.9 to a laptop, Toshiba R700 PT314T-02801E

      which is using Windows 7 64 bit, AHCI mode.

      BIOS is  Toshoba 2.10


      After installed and synchronized, I tried rebooting it to the pre-boot environment

      The pre-boot screen works fine, but after I enter user's id and password,

      It will hang with the screen:


      Resetting Hardware ...

      Disable mouse ...

      Starting operating system ...


      everytime it hangs, and I/m sure I didn't use the "Always enable pre boot USB support" option.

      Also, I tried to disable "USB KB/Mouse Legacy Emulation" with no luck.


      I think I install the OS with AHCI mode, because when not install EEPC,

      if I change the BIOS AHCI option to compatibility,

      It will always show a blue screen after starting Windows.


      So, does EEPC support AHCI mode?


      Appreciate for any help here, thanks.