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    XP Repair Tool virus

      My partner's laptop has been infected with this virus and it's causing no end of grief. I think it's called FakeAlert!grb.


      Firstly, how come McAfee didn't pick this up? And even though it's evident I've still got it on the laptop, how comes scans come up clean? Not impressed as I see from other posts on the Internet that it's been around for some months.


      After some effort, I have transferred the data to a USB stick. However, how will I know if this is clean in order to be able to transfer the data to another PC if McAfee doesn't detect this virus?


      Does anyone know what antivirus software will pick this up?


      Finally, how do I get rid of it? McAfee doesn't get rid of it, I've tried other suggested routes from various community pages and it's still there. If I do a complete reinstall of the computer back to its factory settings, will this get rid of it? And then will it be safe to transfer the data from my USB stick back to the laptop or has it been infected for good?


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