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    DLP windows explorer file transfer events not being generated


      running 9.1 DLP and 4.5 ePO on a W2K8 R2 platform



      Under Content Protection/ Protection Rules/ Monitor File Transfers, we can't  get the explorer file transfer to produce popups or monitor events as it is configured to do.


      It is configured to monitor and notify. If we plug in a usb the popup shows up (device control rule works fine, I realize this is a separate policy)  and notifies the user correctly. But then if we do a copy and paste  of a file from say, the desktop, to the removable USB device, there is no popup, and there is no event generated in DLP monitor.


      We've tried overwriting with a policy from another build that is working properly, to no avail. We have played with the settings again and precisely mirrored them to the known good configuration in the other build, and it still doesn't work.


      We've tried toggling the rule in protection rules, to exclude and then again inculde the windows explorer for file transfer monitoring. No dice.


      Any tips?