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    McAfee Task Manager Service


      About two weeks ago i had Epo 3.6 push out VS 8.5i (with patch 1) to about 1500 machines running windows xp. We also have on these machines, loaded Tumbleweed Desktop Validator which enables digital certificate checking.

      Now since the push to 8.5i i have had a small handfull of machines fail to run the Tumbleweed Desktop Validator service on start up or reboot. This causes failed crudential checks and users not being able to log on untill the service is started. Since the last thing we pushed out was the 8.5i i started my trouble shooting with the McAfee services and narrowed it down to the McAfee Task Manager service.

      If i stop that service and reboot the machine the tumblweed service starts fine. As a workaround i can start the tumbleweed service remotley after the machine has started up. But there has to be a way to get around this. It's only happening to 4 or 5 machines now but it seems like a new one pops up every day. I don't think it would be a policy because i have my machine and about 800 others in the same group and it doesn't affect them all.

      So my question is, why would MTM service prevent the Tumbleweed service from starting on these few machines?