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    MWG Proxy HA not working

      Hi everyone,


      right now i am testing the Proxy HA functionality with two VMware instances of MWG 7.1


      My environmenmt looks like:


      Node1: proxycl1 ->

      Director Prio: 99



      Node2: proxycl2 ->

      Director Prio: 98



      VIP: proxy ->


      Management IP Node1:

      Management IP Node2:


      Virtual IP (on both): eth0


      I am able to browse the net / ssl / etc. over VIP without a problem. Node1 is the active one. If i am now booting or disconnecting the network on Node1, is see the VIP moving to Node2, i see the magical 4 Packet loss but i could not browse.




      Everything went back to normal when Node1 is reachable again.


      Well maybe i missed a single step?



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          you have a port redirect configured that says:


          80,443 -> 8080


          Are you able to remove that and instead add a port redirect


          8080 -> 8080


          I think for Proxy HA this is the correct setting. It sounds you are still testing the product, maybe you have a chance to give this a try?




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            Hi Andre,


            thanks for the fast reply. I changed the Port redirection to 8080 -> 8080 on both nodes, but it is not working. Same error as before:


            "Fehler 130 (net::ERR_PROXY_CONNECTION_FAILED): Proxy-Server-Verbindung fehlgeschlagen"


            Here is the detailed cluster settings output: