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    Finally Some Praise!

      After years of using this product, McAfee finally did something about the speed of the full-scan, and I'm a happy camper about this.  It used to take at least 6-7 days of continuous scanning in the background to complete because of the standard size of my hard-drives (yes, I have gigabytes and gigabytes of data).  But, it's about time the product was brought up to speed with the size of standard drives.  Mine isn't even standard anymore; given terabyte-sized hard drives these days.   Let's see now.  Just to be fair since it still takes a while, it's at 94% and is going on day 4.  I'll just assume this will  be finished before day 5.  Bravo, McAfee, BRAVO!  Keep chipping away at the full-scan times, and I'll keep on buying into this franchise.  It's just so rare to have something to praise in these days of substandard support options for products around the world.  I see you're starting to listen to us, though.  Thank you!




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