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    ePO v3.6.1 Enterprise Edition Issue.

      Dear All,

      This is in reference to ePO v3.6.1 Enterprise Edition.

      We have two sites (physical locations)-
      - Site A: ePO v3.6.0 with VSE8.5i (Server OS 2003)
      - Site B:null ePO v3.6.1 patch 4 with VSE8.5i (Server OS 2003)

      ePO in Site B was newly setup. I recently took over ePO administration for this server. The installation was not a fresh one. The server originally had ePO 3.6.0 & the nodes were getting updated with this old ePO server. During the activity for upgradation to ePO v3.6.1, the concerned person before me did not performed migration. Instead, he un-installed ePO v3.6 and did the installation of ePO 3.6.1 on this server. This first installation by him was done improperly. Also, he enabled the discovery on the new ePO due to which nodes in Site A were identified in Site B and SiteB agents were enforced on them forcing the SiteA nodes to fetch updates from SiteB.

      When I took over, I un-installed the setup on SiteB, deleted necessary registry keys and began the new ePO 3.6.1 setup under domain admin credentials - which was not done earlier; only local admin was used to install earlier. The setup was complete and the I tested the same over few nodes.

      Recently, I have observed the following issues occurring in this ePO:

      1. In the TaskLogs at the Server level, two task logs are generated.

      First Task Type is Repository Replication which fails every time (I did not enabled / added any Repository) with the error: No Target sites for replication.

      Second Task Type is Repository Pull through Http Update which is successfully completed.

      ###What should I do for the Repository Replication Error?

      2. In the services.msc, McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 3.6.1 Server service is stopped. When I try to start this service, I receive the following 3 logs in the Event Viewer:

      Source: Apache
      Error ID: 3299

      The Apache service named reported the following error:
      >>> (OS 10048)Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network address/port) is normally permitted. : make_sock: could not bind to address .

      The Apache service named reported the following error:
      >>> no listening sockets available, shutting down .

      The Apache service named reported the following error:
      >>> Unable to open logs .

      A portscan on the server provides the following information:

      80/tcp open http
      81/tcp open hosts2-ns
      135/tcp open msrpc
      139/tcp open netbios-ssn
      445/tcp open microsoft-ds
      1109/tcp open kpop
      1433/tcp open ms-sql-s
      2000/tcp open callbook
      3389/tcp open ms-term-serv
      8009/tcp open ajp13
      8080/tcp open http-proxy
      8081/tcp open blackice-icecap
      8443/tcp open https-alt

      It is clear that port 80 (which Apache requires) is being used for HTTP (updates!!).
      ###Please help me understand as What is the significance of this service. And what should be done for resolving this?

      These issues are at the server level and I want to resolve these before identifying and troubleshooting the issues on the nodes.
      Please let me know if certain logs are required.

      Please advice.