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    Real time scanning stuck off; McAfee updates cause crash

      I'm running Windows XP home with dial up. On 6-22 a very lengthly McAfee update performed. After update prompted me to restart pc, I did so and real time scanning became disabled. When I attempted to connect to internet I got a blue window saying a problem was detected and windows shut down to protect my pc. I did a system restore and everything came back ok except McAfee Virus Scan still showing real time scanning off. I turn it on and goes back off immediately. I ran virtual technician and oas-disabled-fix.cmd utility. Nothing helps to get real time scanner back on.  Since 6-22 a couple updates have completed ok, but last night another occurance just like on 6-22. Update took forever and upon restart and connect to internet got same blue window. Had to system restore again to get pc back. I figure next step is to uninstall and reinstall McAfee Virus Scan Plus. McAfee info states system restore can disable real time scanner but mine was disabled before I did original system restore. It became disabled right after 6-22 update. Should I perform uninstall and attempt to re-install? I have 7 months left on my subscription, but I figure in the state I'm in right now firewall is working but virus protection isn't, and I'm not going to do anymore updates since that's what's causing my pc to get blue error window. As I said I'm using dial up. Will I be able to re-install my Virus Scan Plus through "my account" with dial up connection? Never before 6-22 had scanner problem or blue error window. Can anyone verify was McAfee update what caused my pc go go eratic? I've never had a virus so don't know what it's like. My pc is working perfectly right now except my Mcafee Virus Scan still shows real time scanning off. So I don't think I have a virus.  I'd appreciate anyone sharing their views as I've never had a problem like this before.