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    When VSE87 services start, some other processes get high CPU usage ?

      Hi All


      I have 2 servers installed with VSE87, everytime mcafee starts(start service or enable on-access scanner) I have 2 processes (tcptask.exe / workspace.exe) that is going from 0 to 8% CPU usage.

      I have tried the following to eliminate the problem.

      - Exclude the 2 *.exe files

      - Addding the the processes tcptask.exe and workspace.exe as low processes.

      - Exclude the directories that the 2 *.exe files are placed in

      - Exclude all local drives in the on access scanner.


      But the problem persists even that all the local drives are excluded.


      Does any one have a clue how to fix this, what in MC is hooking to the *exe files that is causing the high CPU usage. `?