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    How safe are patient portals for communications with doctor's office?

      I am using Mozilla firefox 4 with NoScript....It shows a clearclick hack on this video.  I would like to know if there is an actual problem with the videos or is this a false report from NoScript.  I use a patient portal for my doctors office from eClinicalWeb and it is reporting the site as unsafe.  When I reported it to the doctors office they assured me my web browsers settings were too high and the site was safe and secured.  I spent several hours trying to track the site and find out if any information that I put in the patient portal could be accessed by a third party unknown to me or my doctor. I feel uncomfortable about my findings so far, and wondered if anyone else has had this question...  this is the sign in page for the portal.  https://mycw.eclinicalweb.com/wes/jsp/login.jsp