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      I have found that when I try to log in from the page that was given as the only sign in page it doesn't recognize me.  The only place I can log in from is from the confirmation email sent to me when I joined the site last Sunday.  This is the link that I can sign in from....https://community.mcafee.com/validate.jspa?email=mendoannie%40yahoo.com&validati onKey=6dd731cb6dfba8fe9ebc58eba79a63374bdfefa2....the other asks for my email address and when I try it it refuses me......does anyone know why I have to use this page?  It only asks for my username and my password and was how I got in today.  Is this because I am new to the site?  One week. 

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          You can login from any page on the community site - click on where it says Login, see top right or bottom left in the screenshot.

          Login places.png

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            I still can't find this page, but have a book mark to the other page, that I got fom someone in this group.  I have been involved with some other issues during the past week, so as long as I can log in through the bookmark I have now I'm no longer concerned.  I also found that my last discussion to review patient portal shows that the threats are only minor orjust goverment sites or advertisers and I don't mind. 

            Thank you for helping me with these issues.  I am still trying to learn these programs and just want to keep my sites safe and my personal information safe.  I am in a constant argument with a young neighbor that tells me over and over that Mcafee is no good and to use ESET.  I tried that program on my old old Ibm computer and thought it seemed to light and too quick.  I had Bit defender for several years and although it was actually too deep for me as a non-expert found it helpful and has a good instruction manual and good warning and protection.  I would like to know what you think about these two programs, and what I can say to my young neighbor that will make him realize that Mcafee is fine and real and a good program.  Thank you very much for your time and input   ANNa  (mendoannie)