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      I'm new in this community and would like to ask some question about the McAfee Licensing issue. Hope can get the answer here.


      Here are the story. My company was currently using the McAfee VirusScan Enterprise v8.7i as our anti-virus program. The support are going to end soon in this July 2011. We are requesting the quote of from our supplier for the renewal of virusScan Enterprise. Regards to the reseller, the virusScan is no longer in production and it has been replace with the Endpoint Protection Suite. As what we know, the Endpoint Protection Suite was in different package of the Anti-Virus program. If we purchase the renewal for the endpoint protection and continue using the VirusScan Enterprise antivirus, is the license consider valid? Is it true that the VirusScan Enterprise is no longer in production?


      Thank you.




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          As far as i know (please correct me if i'm wrong) The Endpoint Protection Suite is a umbrella product name that combines VirusScan Enterprise, Groupshield, and a few other separate utilities into one 'product' all managed by EPO. They no longer sell tham as individual products.


          For instance we have Total Protection for Secure Business, which is VSE, Groupshield, DataLoss Prevention and Endpoint Encryption.


          As long as you get enough licenses for the amount of machines you have you should be ok. Also with a new grant number you'll be able to download VSE 8.8