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    On-Demand Scans

      I am being questioned by upper management regarding the need for daily on-demand scans. They question it since On-Access Scanning is enabled. Any thoughts on how to answer them.

      On-Demand Scans are taking longer and longer to perform. I may have to go with a weekly scan instead of daily. Any thoughts on that as well?

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          Just my opinion and results we've seen here...

          Weekly should be fine..

          Primarily, the on access scanner should be sufficient for most normal computer users.. It will detect malware that is downloaded to, written to, or executed on the computer..

          That said, if the user has the capability to temporarily disable the on-access scanner, it IS possible to place a malware file on the computer without it being detected.. Once it's got local access, difficulties can arise..

          In addition, we've found the "on demand" scanner is much better at detecting viruses/malware when they are encrypted in compressed files, such as .zip files.. The "on-access" scanner won't find the infected zip file when it's copied to the hard drive...but an on-demand scan WILL detect it if manually scanned..

          IN our situation, we do our system scans during lunch.. It prevents most of the conflicts.

          Hope this helps.

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            OAS often sucks at cleaning/quarantining locked exe and dll files, the on demand scan handles these much better especially if you can get it running overnight