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    conhost what is this

      Today while watching nexflix I noticed my connection slow. I checked task manager and noticed conhost.ext *32. under the details tab i see. Is this a normal program? It always reappears in task manager after a few sec. McAee or spybot does not see anything wrong with it.



      File description   Lamp Pajama Stung


      Type                    Application


      File version


      Product name     Hues


      Product version   3.5


      Copyright            brew unite 1995-2008


      language             English (united states)


      Orignial filename  Gash.exe

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          Avast! picked it up for me, but it wouldn't remove it. It spoofs a legit application (conhost.exe) and hides in Appdata\Roaming\Microsoft\


          It also downloaded/generated other malicious .exe's into Appdata\Local\Temp\ in my case. I'm sure these came from conhost.exe, as their description in my task manager was also "Lamp pajama stung". Furthermore, it liked to adjust proxy settings in Firefox which gave the appearance of interrupting connections. This was easily fixed by reconfiguring Firefox's proxy settings (I just turned mine off). This is not the only browser affected, as it's screwing with my Steam browser too. I'm still working to resolve this.

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            Funny thing I just installed steam again this morning. Running full spybot scan upon restart to see what it gets. Long scan 40 min

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              I Think I got rid of it, at least my pc is now slowing down now and the conhost does not say lamp pamaja stung now.


              First I ended task on it, deleted the conhost out of the app folder and ran CCleaner reg cleaner before it booted back up. Then I ran spybot search and destroy and it found a couple things removed them and it asked me to reboot my pc to check for other things.


              After the over hour scan it found nothing else and things seem to be back to normal for now.

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                What is it, you asked.


                Read THIS from howtogeek.com - conhost.exe is fine, perfectly okay, as long as it's in the Windows\System32 directory.


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                  I just did a reinstall of windows 7 becasue it was still popping back up as conhost but with no details and linking my browsing through some other site when I was looking at stuff.

                  After reinstalling windows 7 from a fresh install and doing all the updates the conhost does not appear at all in the task mananger.

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                    Hi Vash, on  7/10/2011 my daughter was online with facebook using Cityville, Fishville or something similar and somehow something downloaded to my laptop. Similar to your situation, my original file name is Guam.exe, by Wasps Lure, Description is Harley Octave Vicky, Wait Urine. I've searched online for all keywords and found only Conhost.exe. I'm hoping I don't have to do a complete reinstall.  I had to do that the last time McAfee let something slip through. I'm really struggling here whether to continue my subscription with McAfee. I know not all software catches everything but this is the 2nd time I've gotten something nasty.

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                      I suggest uploading this file to VirusTotal. That site will run it through more than 40 virus scanners and tell you how many of them (if any) find it suspect.