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    McShield disappears and shows Agent Shield


      We just upgraded to 4.6 and Agent 4.6. Our machines are getting the new agent but we are noticing something strange. On each boot the McShield is sometimes there, if there is goes away after about 20sec. Agent shield comes up for a minute (even though it si set to "not show") and then it dissapears. Then nothing, no shield at all. I see McAfee services running. But still no shield.


      Anybody have an idea of what is happening? it is causing problems as we have a script that runs on login to check if it is running, if not we disable proxy.

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          I have more to this.


          I fixed the part, not sure where or how, but the Agent shield doesn't come up. Now the shield is there at first start, then reloads 10 seconds later then it jsut goes away. The service is running and no errors in the event viewer. See attached. No shield down in systray, yet all servies are runing. About 20 min later the shield comes back.


          This happens on both win7 and xp


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            so nobody has an idea? The shield goes away and comes back. The service is running yet the shield is gone. I guess I have to talk to support cause if the shield is not running then comes back 20min later that leaves a wide open hole.

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              I have this problem, with  the old Agent 4.0.1494 but just after first Virusscan first installation, the Shield symbol does not appear. But after next login shield is there forver.


              I do not know why you get this problem, but if McShield is running and you can not see the shield symbol. You can start the McAfee Shield with CMD to check if connection to EPO Server and all is OK and whats going on this time you can not see the shield symbol or open it.


              Go to Start, Run, CMD, run CMD with local Administrator rights. Give in there:(win7 system)

              "c:\Program Files (x86)\McAfee\Common Framework\CmdAgent.exe" /s


              Now you can start teh shield, also if the symbol is not shown.

              Maybe it helps a little bit




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                i think mcafee's approach is to have a single tray icon only which is the agent icon. the legacy shield is only shown until the agent service has been initialized / the policies enforced.

                in our environment we upgraded to agent 4.5 before we introduced ePO and had the problem that we had no tray icon at all. also the behavior was different with x64 operating systems where we still had the legacy icon.


                we then deployed the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\McAfee\McTray\ForcedShow (REG_SZ) = 1

                but I think they corrected this issue in agent 4.5 patch 3


                on remote desktop connections the agent tray icon is not showed at all which they said is the desired behavior.

                to have a tray icon, also ensure you have set the policies


                - McAfee Agent\General\Show the McAfee system tray icon (checked)

                - VirusScan Enterprise 8.7.0\User Interface Policies\System tray icon\Show the system tray icon...

                for your login procedure, you may want to check whether the mcshield service is running. The tray icon is provided by mctray.exe which was shstat.exe before if I remember that right.





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                  sorry, I should have posted to this sooner. There is a knowledgebase article on this




                  With a patch coming towards the end of the year for a fix.