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    ePO and VSE DAT files



      Is it possible to 'export' a dat file from an ePO server and import it into another ePO server without going to the McAfee website route?





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          You can't export it, as such, but there may be other approaches... exactly what are you trying to do?


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            Hi Joe,


            I am trying not to use the McAfee website ( basically stop certain people from the need to go to the WWW) and copy using a physical transfer the DAT from one ePO server to another. Sorry I know it sounds a bit mad.



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              Not mad at all


              You can use a repository controlled by one ePO server as the source for another - all you have to ensure is that you have exported the source server's public key and imported it into the client server. Like this:


              Imagine we have two ePO servers, A and B. A has access to the internet and pulls dat updates from the McAfee site: B does not have internet access.


              On A, configure a distributed repository in a location that is accessible from B. In the settings for this repository, configure it so that only dats, engines, and other updatable content is replicated. This step is vital: DO NOT configure it to replicate all products. If A is accessible from B, DO NOT share A's master repository: you must create a distributed repository.

              Export A's repository public key, and import it into B.

              On B, configure a new source site and point it at the distributed repository controlled by A.


              That's it - you should now be able to pull content into B from A.


              Does that help?


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                Sorry the scenario is no network connection between ePO server A and B. It is a phsical transfer from one ePO server (A) to ePO server (B) using DVD/memory stick etc.

                But thanks for you response.





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                  In that case you could still use this approach, and copy the whole distributed repository structure to a USB key - but that's now getting into the "far too fiddly" range

                  Your best bet here is going to be to download the ePO dat package each day and provide it on a USB key for the B server admins to check in manually. That way you know you're getting all the files and you don't have to mess around with keys.


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                    Many thanks Joe.

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                      Could you give me some indication of how fiddly this would be. I'm not looking for step by step instuctions. Also just for information there is only a master repository.

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                        A lot fiddlier than just using the ePO dat package


                        Also just for information there is only a master repository.


                        That's the bit you must change - you cannot just take the master repo from one server and import it into another.


                        Essentially the process would be :

                        Create distributed repo on server A. Configure to replicate content only.

                        Pull task on A.

                        Replicate on A.

                        Copy entire distributed repo folder structure to USB key.

                        Export server A repo public key, copy to USB key.

                        Take USB key to server B.

                        Create shared folder on server B.

                        Configure source repo on B, pointing at shared folder.

                        Copy folder structure from USB key to shared folder on B.

                        Import server A public repo key into server B.

                        Pull task on B from shared folder source repo.


                        Infinitely easier would be:

                        Download ePO dat package

                        Copy to USB key

                        Take USB key to server B

                        Check in package on server B.


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                          Possibly simpler method, similar to Joe's suggestion but without the need to manual drag and drop files.


                          - Create UNC based repository to a share on a USB hard drive/pen drive (When plugged into Server A).

                          - Set up scheduled job to replicate the repository over night.

                          - Create a UNC based repository on second EPO server pointing to the same folder on the usb device (when plugged into server B).

                          - In the morning move the usb drive from one machine to the other and all the clients can up date during the day.

                          - move it back in the evening ready for a new replication, rinse and repeat


                          As long as both servers mount the usb device correctly and re-establishes the share i would have thought it would work.


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                          Had a thought ..this might not actually work as EPO server B would need to mark the Repo as successfully replicated before clients could up date from it...oh well.


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