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    Wintech error occurred

      Hi all

      I recently found a site that provides Wintech creation batch files developeved by Siom ( http://sites.google.com/site/ctogonewild/Home/intersting-files )

      From many options, I used "MakePECD3.01 EEPC5+W7.zip" .

      When I first run, I had a lot of errors. I fixed them all, and finally managed to build ISO.


      I booted with the ISO imange on my USB. I entered the code for the authrisation.

      And then I tried authenticating with both SBFS and DATABASE. But neither one gives error as below.


      Endpoint Encryption disk driver not present

      Error Code: 0xe0020018"



      Do we have any idea?

      Is it because that the drivers are not properly loaded up?

      I attatched the batch files in case. please give me some advice, I am going to be mad because of this!!!!



      Thanks in advance