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    Endpoint Encryption 6 on Tablets


      We are looking at encrypting some Tablet devices from various vendors using Endpoint Encryption and are wondering if this is possible without having to use a USB keyboard to complete the pre-boot stage. Various posts across the internet conflict as to whether this can be done.


      Has anybody managed to get this working, we are using version 6.01 on Windows 7.



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          You can use option "Always display on screen keyboard" in policy for tablets, but in EEPC 6.0.1 it is not implemented yet (information form Release notes). There is no such information with newer version EEPC 6.1, but it still seems to be not implemented (not working), but maybe it have to be used on tablets to work.



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            We are on version 6.2 and have not been able to get this to work.  The keyboard shows on the screen, but it is not useable.  Has anyone been able to get the on screen keyboard to work with EEPC ?