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    Bad XML

    Hemant Koli



      I was trying to Decrypt 1 Laptop Using EETECH.

      1. I booted Laptop Using EETECh

      2. Authorized with EE Code of the Day

      But when i tried to Authenticate Using xml file exported from ePO for that perticular laptop then i get Error Message as Bad XML.

      Please suggest any Action to Decrypt Laptop.


      Thanks in Advance.

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          Hemant Koli

          Not a Single Response.............

          I though McAfee Community is quicker than McAfee Support.......

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            Hemant Koli

            Hello dwebb


            Thanks for ur Quick Response. FYI i'm not performing Emergency Boot, Actually i'm tring to Authenticate using xml file.

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              The problem is a corruption in the .xml file itself....the algorithm name is corrupted.  Any operation within EETech that is required to parse the file will have the same problem.


              Please use the correct version of EETech to resolve this problem, as per the KB.



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                Hemant Koli

                Hi Dwebb


                Actually i'm using EEPC 6.0.2 & EETECH 6.0.2.And in KB it has mentioned to use EETECH 6.1 .

                So my question is will it Support on EEPC 6.0.2????......

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                  Yes EETech from 6.1 will support 6.0.2. 

                  Can you please open the file and confirm that the algorithm name is corrupted for me? thanks

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                    Hemant Koli

                    Sorry i din't get you Open the  File means i have to Open double clicking it with Explorer?...............

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                      Hemant Koli

                      I tried to Open double clicking it...

                      it showed following message

                      - <MfeEpeExportMachineKey>


                      <algorithm>0   `†H e   *  </algorithm>

                      - <recoveryData>

                      - <entries>






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                        Please edit your last post to remove the bits in between <key> and </key>.


                        Then you could change the bit between <algorithm> and </algorithm> to




                        Save the file and try it wihin EETech. 

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