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    Bo:Heap Explorer

      I am having an issue one of our departments is trying to access a site called xatanet.net and when they log into the site they are receiving the BO:HEAP Buffer OverFlow Protection this always happens when they try to run reports on this site the message will point to one of these locations C:\program files\Internet Explorer\explorer.exe::recv and sometimes C:\program files\Internet Explorer\explorer.exe::send. Our company is using explorer 7.0 and Mcafee Virus Scan 8.0 patch 13 any help or suggestions would greatly appreciated. Thx

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          In my oppinion there are two things you can do:
          1. contact the site administrator and notify them of this buffer overflow. changes are that the site developer has used code that causes a buffer overflow.

          2. exclude BO:Heap from detection in VSE8.0 but i wouldn't advise it cause this will exclude loads of other buffer overflows from detection. Buffer overflows that you want to detect.


          Edit: what I just thought of, try to install the latest patch (15 or 16). mayby it's a bug that's been fixed in these patches.
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            I installed patch 15 on 2 users and it seem to have done the trick I will install this on the rest of the department this afternoon if no issues arise. Thank you for the adivce