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    System volume is more than 7.8gb , continue to force installation ? ( Win NT4.0 )


            We have computers with Windows NT4.0 . Most install 'Application and Change Control (solidcore)' no problem. Some of the computers

      though have had larger replacement hard drives fitted . The hard drives where restored with an image. The imaging process has made

      C:\ drive where the OS is ( Windows NT4.0 ) larger than 7.8gb.


      When we attempt to install ' Application and Change Control (solidcore)' it throws up a pop up message / warning :


      Question Pop Up

      System volume is more than 7.8gb.

      do you want to continue to force the

      installation ?


      Has anyone seen this warning before and have experience of its consequences ?

      We have decided not to continue any further after this message appeared.

      Many Thanks for your help.