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    VSE 8.5.0 ~ Script Scanning issues


      I’ve been asked to look into a current problem we have with regards to Script Scanning with Virus Scan Enterprise 8.5.0. It seems to be a common theme that the Script Scanning element of the product causes performance issues...

      Having looked through this forum, i noticed quite a lot about the patch level. I’ve attached the current patch status for our environment, could somebody please advise if;

      A) The current patch status is out-of-date?
      B)null Will the new patches (if applicable) help to alleviate our performance issues?

      • McAfee EPO is version 3.6.1 (Patch 2)
      • McAfee Common Management Agent (Framework Service) Version 2)
      • McAfee VirusScan Enterprise (Patch 4)

      Any help / advice welcome.

      Many Thanks,
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          So...are you having performance issues with Script Scanning enabled? It's generally only a problem if you're running a lot of scripts.. Ours users aren't experiencing any problems and as such, most still have it enabled.

          In my opinion, if it's causing a problem, disable it.. It's only one more of the various layers that the program uses to prevent attacks on your computer.. Disabling one layer still allows the others to work..

          Hope this helps.

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            Thanks for the reply Grif,

            We are having the performance issues when trying to access some new Web applications that have been designed in-house. I believe they are quite script intensive...

            Are there other functionalities with 8.5.0 that help to mitigate any risks associated with Java / VB Scripts apart from the script scanning function? I guess im trying to establish the risks around turning off script scanning...

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              If you look in the VirusScan Console, you'll see "Access Protection" capabilities and "Buffer Overflow" capabilities and those are above and beyond the standard "On Access" scanner which checks for standard viruses and malware.. You can tailor all of those to fit your situation so they provide the best protection for those specific users which are running script intensive applications. Even if a dangerous script were to run, the other scanners should detect the problem. They should provide plenty of backup.

              As I said earlier, on specific machines, we disable "Script Scanner" and for those users doing "standard" duty, we leave it enabled.. Unfortunately, nothing's perfect, but if you're going to have a few machines which are required to run scripts, you don't have a choice..

              Hope this helps.

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                Thanks Grif - All makes sense now...