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    "Message from webpage" popup during McAfee update

      I'm getting popups on my desktop that has the title of "Message from webpage" and most of the time there is nothing in the popup.  Once in awhile  there is a small rectangle (a clickbox?) in the popup that simply says "OK" .  I close out the popup but another (sometimes more than one at a time) pops up and this continues until I shut down the computer.  The one thing that I noticed was that this happens primarily when McAfee tries to do an automatic update.  The update never finishes.  However, if I tell McAfee manually to update it seems to finish okay.  This computer was infected a couple of weeks ago by a "Vista security" scareware infection.  I thought that I had it cleaned out and I hadn't seen any more strange happenings until this "Message from webpage" started a few days ago.  As I said when I asked for help with the "Vista security" incident, I'm running McAfee "Total Protection" with automatic updates turned on on a desktop with MS Vista that also automatically updated.   Can anyone tell me what's causing this popup and how to get rid of it?  Thanks for any help.