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    Release Notes for VirusScan Enterprise 8.5i Patch 5

      Release Notes for McAfee(R) VirusScan(R) Enterprise Version 8.5i Patch 5

      Copyright (C) 2008 McAfee, Inc.

      All Rights Reserved


      Patch Release: January 24 2008

      This release was developed and tested with:

      - VirusScan Enterprise: 8.5i

      - DAT Version: 5201, January 4 2008

      - Engine Version: 5.2.00

      Make sure you have installed these versions, or later, before using this release.


      Thank you for using VirusScan(R) Enterprise software. This file contains important information regarding this release. We strongly recommend that you read the entire document.

      The attached files are provided as is, and with no warranty either expressed or implied as to their suitability for any particular use or purpose. McAfee, Inc. assumes no liability for damages incurred either directly or indirectly as a result of the use of these files, including but not limited to the loss or damage of data or systems, loss of business or revenue, or incidental damages arising from their use. Patch files should be applied only on the advice of McAfee Technical Support, and only when you are actually experiencing the issue being addressed by the Patch. Patch files should not be proactively applied in order to prevent potential product issues. You are responsible for reading and following all instructions for preparation, configuration, and installation of Patch files. Patch files are not a substitute or replacement for product Service Packs which may be released by McAfee, Inc. It is a violation of your software license agreement to distribute or share these files with any other person or entity without written permission from McAfee, Inc. Further, posting of McAfee Patch files to publicly available Internet sites is prohibited. McAfee, Inc. reserves the right to refuse distribution of Patch files to any company or person guilty of unlawful distribution of McAfee software products. Questions or issues with McAfee Patch files should be directed to McAfee Technical Support.



      - About This Release

      - Purpose

      - Patch 5 Resolved Issues

      - Patch 4 Resolved Issues

      - Patch 3 Resolved Issues

      - Patch 2 Resolved Issues

      - Patch 1 Resolved Issues

      - Known Issues

      - Files Included With This Release

      - Installation

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      - Installation Steps

      - Installation Steps via ePolicy Orchestrator

      - HotFix/Patch Reporting

      - Verifying the Installation

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      This release contains updated binaries in a single Microsoft Patch installer to address all items listed in “Resolved Issues” below.

      For the most update-to-date copy of this Readme information, refer to McAfee Support KnowledgeBase article 614557.



      The resolved issues are divided into subsections per patch, showing when each fix was added to the compilation.


      1. ISSUE:

      Disabling the On-Access Scanner from the console is not always possible when users with sufficient privileges belonged to large numbers of user groups.


      VirusScan Statistics has been updated so that users with sufficient privileges can now disable the On-Access Scanner from the console regardless of how many user groups they belong too.

      2. ISSUE:

      The VirusScan Enterprise management plug-in writes all settings to the registry on every policy enforcement. McShield service monitors the registry and reloads whenever they are written, generating frequent pause events in the Windows System log.


      The VirusScan Enterprise management plug-in has been updated to write to the registry only if it sees that it is different from the current policy. This prevents McShield from generating events on policy enforcement, unless that policy has changed.


      If the symptom persists, refer to McAfee Support KnowledgeBase article 614077.

      3. ISSUE:

      With the VirusScan Policy set to “Display managed tasks in the client console,” the tasks sometimes disappear in the VirusScan Console.


      The On-Demand Scanner and Update console plug-ins have been updated so that when policy enforcement occurs, the console now updates the list of tasks to ensure an accurate display.

      4. ISSUE:

      When using system variables in the folder path for the Quarantine Manager Policy, the list of quarantined items is empty, even though items were quarantined to the correct directory.


      The Quarantine Manager console plug-in has been corrected so that the path specified in the folder input field is now properly expanded and the system variables are replaced before the list of Quarantined items is requested.


      For further information about this fix, refer to McAfee Support KnowledgeBase article 614549.

      5. ISSUE:

      When a VirusScan Patch installation failed, the Help “About” dialog box no longer displayed the previous Patch number.


      The patch installer has been updated to write the new Patch registry value only if the Patch succeeds. If it fails and a rollback occurs, the old Patch registry value remains.

      6. ISSUE:

      A 4E bugcheck (blue screen) can occur when VirusScan Enterprise 8.5i is installed along side SafeBoot Content Encryption 3.


      The link driver was updated to add supportability for SafeBoot.

      7. ISSUE:

      On Windows Vista and later, On-Demand Scan function “Save as Default” does not correctly save changes made for future scan tasks.


      The On-Demand Scanner has been corrected to properly save the registry data for the default task.

      8. ISSUE:

      Access Protection port blocking rules that spanned a range of ports could block all processes rather than only those processes specified in the rule.


      The Access Protection driver has been updated to better handle requests for process names.

      9. ISSUE:

      A 19 bugcheck (blue screen) occurred intermittently when loading and unloading content into Link Driver, for example, when configuration changes were made or enforced.


      The link driver was corrected to resolve a race condition that could lead to this issue.

      https://knowledge.mcafee.com/SupportSite/dynamickc.do?externalId=614557&sliceId= SAL_Public&command=show&forward=nonthreadedKC&kcId=614557