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    Client Task Status

      We push out a task to do a full scan of workstations, however I can't seem to find a way to view the outcome of this task in ePO. I assume we'd need to create a query, but what are we searching for? Nothing really seems to apply..

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          Scan logs will be stored locally and can't be see from ePO.


          From ePO, you can query for ODS status like started/completed etc.


          on 1/7/11 12:09:47 PM IST
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            Hi Hem


            Where can we see the start/completion of tasks? I realise the full logs arent available (if it finds anything it'll raise an event anyway, which we can handle), but where do we see that the task has even run on a specific (or all) client? It doesn't seem to be under the client itself, so there must be a query needed?

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              Event ID 1202 is for ODS started and Event ID 1203 is for ODS complete.


              You can create a query with these Event IDs.