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    Automatic Sync while roaming

      For a customer I have had the question what the " Allow automatic sync while roaming " exactly does,


      now the product guide only gave me this " Prevents the device from syncing when roaming "


      Really ? /sarcasm off


      So i've googled around, and it seems that this is a Apple based restriction, but i cant find anything more then this: When this option is off, devices that are roaming will sync only when an account is accessed by the user.


      Uhmm what account is implied here? email? the apple account? emm account ?


      I found this on a blog which is what i am hoping this setting does ...


      This toggle will disable the following: Web access, Multimedia Messaging (MMS), Assisted GPS (A-GPS) and anything else that uses the data connection exclusively. It does not disable: Calls, text messages (SMS), any traffic over WiFi and pure GPS positioning.



      Is there anyone with expierience who can confirm this?