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    Memory access errors since upgrade to 8.8




      I have recently upgraded our estate of about 7000 PC clients to VirusScan 8.8.  Although in testing there seemed to be no issue I now have several hundred machines which have memory access errors while running some applications. 


      The major problems are with GoogleUpdate.exe which is a scheduled update for Google products like the IE toolbar etc., mmc consoles when they are closed and a Checkpoint full disk encryption service.  Basically the users can expect to see something like this:


      GoogleUpdate.exe - Application Error : The instruction at " 59a8b9b0" referenced memory at " 59a8b9b0". The memory could not be "read"  


      Removing VirusScan stops the issue but oddly it remains if I only disable it through policy.  I have a call open with McAfee support, they suggest I get in touch with all of the suppliers and ask if they have any updates available to their software...  


      I just wanted to check if anybody else has had problems like this since upgrading and if you have how you fixed them.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated, not just by the sleep deprived epo admin but by several hundred users!!


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          Hello Stewart,


          Can you see if you turned ON the module scripscan?


          If you have disabled in the VSE8.8 version ScripScan so try it switch to on and all the mistakes "The memory could not be read" should disappear. (ePO > Policy > VSE8.8 > On-access General Policies > Edit Settings > ScriptScan > select box "Enable scanning of scripts")


          Have fun ;-)



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            Hi Michal,


            Thanks for the reply.  I have already disabled Script scanning, it was enabled before and we were getting WSCRIPT.exe errors at startup.  Turning it off prevented this but not the errors detailed above.  I saw in another post that other people were having trouble with the script scanning feature and had disabled it.  I'm not terribly impressed by 8.8 so far I have to be honest.  Seems like a step back from 8.7.