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    odd question

      Hello all,


      I have a question regarding the AV management of a server which has ePO running on it.  Here is my situation.  A department on our campus installs an ePO server and has about 2k clients attached to it.  We (the IT server group) are now managing this server and have our own ePO server to manage all the AV products across our Windows environment.  Id like to manage the AV (but not the ePO instance) on the ePO server that we inherited with our own ePO server.  Can this be done?  What are the concerns?  Also, does anyone manage the AV software running on their ePO server with the ePO software (the server manages itself)?  I wasn't sure if it was a good idea to manage that AV install as it may play a role in updating etc of the repository.  Any help would be appreciated.







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          This is completely possible - in earlier versions of ePO the server had to control itself, as it were, but this is no longer a requirement. You can install an agent from another server and control the AV on that machine without problem.

          The only thing to bear in mind is that, potentially, you may need to create some specialised policies for that machine - for example if the AV was interfering with ePO's operation you might need to exclude the ePO processes and files from scanning.


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